Sunday, January 24, 2010

No updates this week

So I have a cold that's leaving me feeling like I can't even move my limbs let alone do all thats required for cartooning. So updates on hold for a week while I recover. Yes, I know I should have buffer comics, but I don't. I suck. Going back to bed now. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New blog look

If you're reading this, you may have noticed that my blog looks different... again... That's because I'm trying to design it to be the main page of my website. Therefor, if you have bookmarked, I would get ready to check to see what's going on. I just though I would give a little bit of warning.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Never Update

Today's update of Never is now up.
If you missed it, I wrote a quick summary of what's going on in the story so far in yesterdays post. Not much else to say other than this took way too long to ink! My fingers hurt for at least a day after. I can't wait for it to be daytime again.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Never story overview

I was talking to my step mother today and she told me that she tried to read Never but was like wtf is going on. Well, she said it nicer than that. So in the words of Chuck 'Here's what you've missed or might need to know.'

While visiting a tavern, Aalex and Roald happened to save the life of Len from the Crown. The Crown is an organization of soldiers who work for the King to find and kill wielders, people who can use magic. They do some other stuff too, but that's the main purpose. Thing is, Len didn't even know she could do magic. But she ends up going with Aalex and Roald anyway because she's scared, alone, and the Crown kind of knows where she was last, so...not good. First thing the boys do is try to get some help from an old friend who's probably willing to give them some food and clothes and stuff because she has a bit of a crush on Aalex. (Who doesn't really?) Len has started to discover that she can channel other people's magic once she's seen them use it but she hasn't figured out how to use her own magic, if she even can. There's also been some tension between Len and Aalex who don't really trust each other, but that's mostly over with now. Oh and Roald has a thing for Len. Mostly he just wants up her skirts. Sort of.
The Crown is still chasing the trio and are currently using the helpful friend with a crush on Aalex to discover where Len, Aalex and Roald are headed. They also have a necromancer working for them, which is kinda weird because she's a wielder but she's able to get information that the soldiers wouldn't get otherwise so they use her shamelessly.
And that's what's happened so far...

Of course tomorrow is the update day for Never, so you can find out what happens next in only a matter of hours! Hope that clears things up and of course you can go back to any part of the comic by using the archives page.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Len coloured her hair black, so yes, it's the same person as the blond from the beginning. It's all part of their plan to hide from the Crown.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hallhogs comic #3

From the completely innocent to the slightly perverse. The new Hallhogs is now online. These characters refuse to look the same in more than a couple of comics. It's very frustrating. But I kind of like how they look right now, so maybe that will last for a few more updates. Who knows.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Noobs #3

My new Noobs comic is now online. I had some trouble with this one because I completely forgot what he was supposed to say. I vaguely remembered what the punchline was, but what else was supposed to be there? I still can't find the paper with this or my other comics sketched out on it. So, if you think it's stupid, we'll just pretend that what I had before was funnier. :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Never #77

Today's Never comic is now up. I'm having some issues with how the page looks when I'm not bleeding the image off the page. There's too much of that dark brown I think. Anyway, I may or may not change it. It depends on how the next one looks I think. If you have any suggestions such as have a white border instead, feel free to suggest them.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hallhogs in print

Well, in case anyone is interested, my comic HallHogs has a running strip in the local arts and culture magazine where I live. They have their newest magazine online to download. I suggest checking it out. Plus it has one of my comics that you'll never get to see otherwise. When one of my friends was flipping through the magazine she stopped and pointed at the comic, attempting to get me to look at it.
Friend- "Heh. That's pretty funny."
Me - "Well, that's good, since I wrote it."
She looks at it closer.
Friend - "Ha! Good thing I didn't say I hated it."

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hallhogs Comic #2

So apparently I just needed to complain about not getting the HallHogs comic done in order to get it done. I'll try to keep my complaining to a minimum from now on. Oh, you might have noticed that I've called this my second HH comic when it obviously isn't, but that's just cause its the second one this year, and Im starting everything new this year. So there you go. Read the comic. Laugh at the comic. Roll your eyes at the comic. Oh! You can also vote seperately for this and Noobs at TWC now if you so desire.
Thanks everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Noobs 2 online

Noobs #2 is now online. To be fair, this joke isn't just directed at others. I have been known on occasion to give my characters stupid names in RPG's. Monky the Monk from D&D is by far the longest living expendable character I've ever made.

In other news, will someone please start writing HallHogs for me. I just can't get myself into a grove with these characters anymore. I know they've got lots more to say, but I just can't get them to say it. When I draw them, all they do is stare blankly back at me. It used to be that all it took was a couple of lines and I would already have the makings of a gag in my head. I think I have too many stories going on in my head right now. I just can't pull any more out. I don't want to give up on Hallhogs yet, but I'm running out of time before I need to get the next one up!

But to leave you with some good news. Friday's Never comic is drawn, inked and coloured. It should be up on time! Horray me!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Never Chapter Three

Hey all! The cover for Chapter Three of Never is now online. I've also added a new ad box since with the new size of the page, the whole format had to be changed. Anyway, hope it's not too distracting. I was also messing around with the Characters page and made it look pretty ugly, so I will try and fix that this weekend. I'm way too tired to do it now. Well hope you like the new size for the comic!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hallhogs Comic

Yippy! New HallHogs up today. Check it out at or just follow the links at Why is HallHogs in black and white you might ask? Because I have some thoughts of sending it to my school newspaper which is of course black and white. But also for practice. I hardly ever shade things now a day. Hopefully with practice I will get better.  As with all things.
Anyway, hope some people get a giggle out of this. As with all HallHogs, it's loosely based on actual events though no real people are shown or named. So yeah. Someone really did ask that. In University.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Changes for the New Year

Welcome to 2010! With the new year comes new changes to I have a new comic started! Noobs is now updating every Monday. Hallhogs the comic is also going to be updating weekly on Wednesday. And finally Never is changing it's format to be a full page comic rather than a strip. Since it's a lot larger than before and because I'd like to update all three comics regularly, it's going to be up on Friday only with one page. I hope these changes work out and I hope everyone enjoys my new comic. If you feel like letting me know what you think, leave a comment or email me at i_need_sleep_now at I hope to hear from you soon!