Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Edinburgh Castle Gate

Apparently I haven't drawn anything new in years. Either that or everything I've drawn I've already posted online. Anyway, this is a sketch I did while sitting on a damp bench at Edinburgh castle, waiting for the rain to start up again in 2007. It seemed like every time I went to Edinburgh castle it was raining, which you might say "of course, Christina, it's Scotland, and you were there in the rainiest summer they had had for years" to which I'd reply, "but it never rained when I went to any other castle."
I think there's a message there, but I'm still not sure what it was.

Today I also posted a HallHogs comic. This seems to be the week of comics for me. Probably because  I've been avoiding doing other more important things. I think there might be a message in that too, but I'm avoiding figuring out what it is.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Schedule and such

Another shaded oldy that I found. It's not often that I attempt detailed wide shots. I don't want to say that this is why, because this is actually one of my better attempts -.-' Anyway, I like some of the details in this even if they aren't correct perspectively.

ALSO! Big news, sorta. I maybe accidentally penciled a couple of pages of Never. And then maybe sorta inked and coloured one of those pages. So go ahead and check that out if you want. Don't expect this to become a regular thing since I really do want to post at least my first full chapter of Hired Magic, and doing two stories is a lot of work. I will try to post some more pages when I can though. So much for me being done of Never.

ALSO! Did you notice the logos to the right there>>>
Did you?? Huh? huh?? Anyway, I finally stopped being lazy and made links to each comic so that it's easier to find the one you want.

Monday - Hired Magic
Tuesday - Nothing for now....
Wednesday - Maybe Never, maybe something else...
Thursday- Again, nothing for now. A girl needs to get homework done after all.
Friday - Hired Magic

And now you know.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Ghostentines Day

With a new comic starting up, I thought it was appropriate to post an old drawing. This is one of the first drawings of Illyia that I did. Originally she was for a completely different comic, though somehow she made her way over to Never. It's not often that I do shading anymore. It's almost always ink work now. I think the part I like the most about this one is the shading, especially around the ghost things.

So happy valentines day. I really should have posted the first page of the comic today since the chapter is called Love Letter, but I didn't. Instead you get ghosts in a graveyard. Now that's my idea of romance, haha.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun funness

Since I'm almost at a point where I'm going to start posting this comic online, I think it's time to post another picture of Tris. This one shows Cole's face as well. (If you saw the post of the two different styles for the first page of the comic, he's the person hidden under his hood.) This is the style I'm going to use for the colouring, which I think will work for this comic. It's nice and clean and compared to a more detailed shading technique it doesn't take a long time to do so I can finish pages fairly quickly. Quick is key for this comic. That and fun. I want these characters to have a lot of fun, even when their lives are on the line which will help me have fun while telling the story.

Hopefully that fun feeling will translate to the readers. You'll have to let me know either way.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have no idea...

While I attempt to colour and letter the pages for the first chapter of a comic I'm playing with, I decided I need to do at least one character sketch of the main character. Somehow she came out a whole lot more evil than she really is. Tris is a high energy magician who is always competing to be as powerful as any male. I think the people in the background must have deserved what they got. They probably called her weak or something.